NFT in Hydroponic

NFT in Hydroponic Systems?

We don’t even have to talk aquaponic because most aquaponic growers are not using this.

This is almost entirely a hydroponic production technique.

And the reason for that is if you have any solids in this water here, it gets trapped in this root zone, it begins to decompose, and pretty soon you’ve got root health issues.

The reason for that is not necessarily because there’s such massive oxygen demand in that root zone.

Remember, this is all air, right?

This is all air inside here.

So you’d think there’d be great diffusion from all this air to this very shallow film of water, but the reality is once sediments kind of accumulate and you have this build up along the base of this with the roots kind of mixed into it, it’s consuming oxygen.

Sure, there’s a little bit of oxygen confusion but this is, diffusion, but this is even somewhat reduced oxygen levels in this airspace here.

And, all of a sudden, your temperature, your growing environment goes up, and what happens?

Because this is mostly air, it has very little thermal mass.

This temperature in here will imitate very closely this temperature out here.

And so what happens is the temperature of the solution raises, again, one of the reasons I said it’s nice to have chilled water, not necessary, but nice.

If you’re in a hot area, with that raise in temperature, oxygen becomes much less soluble.

So, it just doesn’t hold as much oxygen, you’re consuming all of this oxygen, it’s not holding oxygen, and boom, all of a sudden you’ve got challenged roots, right?

Anaerobic conditions, challenged root diseases, all of that stuff.

So that’s a really important thing to consider there.



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